Laboratoires Xérès

Natural and innovative e-liquids conceptors

Laboratoires Xérès

Created by 2 experienced scientists specialized in health ingredients and risk prevention, Laboratoires Xérès design natural and innovative liquids for electronic cigarettes. Their first objective is to propose an alternative to the tobacco cigarette that best reproduces the feeling expected by the smoker. The approach of Laboratoires Xérès is based on a rigorous scientific activity in order to develop simple, safe and efficient formulations.

Végétol® natural e-liquids


Innovation is the raison d’être of Laboratoires Xérès. Since their creation, they continue to innovate to offer new secure experiences in the field of electronic cigarette. For this, they collaborate with the world of academic research (universities, École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, Technical Centers…).

Their work is now the subject of scientific publications published in numerous international papers and reviews.

Supported at the beginning by the French Public Investment Bank (BPI), Laboratoires Xérès have today a portofolio of 5 international patents open to licensing and to collaborative innovation.

Innovation Laboratoires Xérès


Since their creation, Laboratories Xérès have decided to place the respect of the environment in the heart of their development. They were among the first to introduce vegetable technologies such as Vegetol® into e-liquids, resulting in healthier and more eco-friendly products.

The research work of Laboratoires Xérès was supported by the Regional and European Funds for Environmental Excellence and was awarded in 2016 with the prize for social & international innovation at the CréaVienne competition.

Attached to always improve and optimize the environmental impact of their technologies, Laboratories Xérès are working today to develop a home-compostable bottle made of biobased plastic.

Végétol® innovation

Végétol® is the first innovation launched on the market by Laboratories Xérès. It’s a breaktrough innovation in the world of e-liquids and electronic cigarette. Végétol® is indeed the natural and non-irritating alternative to propylene glycol and glycerine.

All of its properties make that Végétol® is now adopted by many manufacturers wishing to develop natural and sustainable formulations revealing a new aromatic universe:
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Végétol® innovation