Asthma, tobacco and vaping: clinical study

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While it has been known for a long time that tobacco is an aggravating factor of asthma, a clinical study published in Internal and Emergency Medicine sought to measure in the asthmatic vaping patient, ex-smoker or not, the effects of electronic cigarette on quality of life, lung function and the evolution of asthma symptoms.

The study of 2,787 respondents including 631 asthmatics, more than 90% of them said that they had not observed any worsening of their disease. In addition, for a subgroup made up of 10 patients who switched from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, it appears that their quality of life and their asthma are significantly improved (Asthma Control Questionnaire and Asthma Control Test scores), their pulmonary function remaining unchanged. Thus, almost all neo-vapers (> 98%), would recommend to asthmatic smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes.

Internal & Emergency Medicine

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