Smoking cessation: twice as likely to quit smoking

The results of a large clinical trial carried out by researchers at the prestigious American College of Cardiology found that smokers who received smoking cessation advice and used e-cigarettes containing nicotine were more than twice as many likely to quit smoking successfully compared to those who received counseling but did not use e-cigarettes.

The researchers studied 376 participants (mean age, 53) who had smoked for an average of 35 years and smoked an average of 21 cigarettes per day before the study. All participants were motivated to quit. One third of the participants received electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, one third received electronic cigarettes without nicotine, and one third received no electronic cigarettes.

During the study, all participants received approximately 100 minutes of advice to quit smoking. Those who received e-cigarettes were asked to vape as much as they deemed necessary. The results showed that by 12 weeks, 21.9% of participants who received e-cigarettes containing nicotine had quit smoking, 17.3% of participants who received e-cigarettes without nicotine had quit smoking, and 9, 1% of participants who received advice only had quit. Overall, those who used e-cigarettes that contained nicotine were 2.4 times more likely to quit than those who had not vaped at all. The researchers also found that among participants who did not quit smoking, their daily cigarette consumption was halved or more by 61% of those who vaped with nicotine, 45.7% of those who vaped without. nicotine and 30.9% of those who received counseling alone. “These results show that nicotine electronic cigarettes are effective in stopping smoking in the short term”, explains Dr Eisenberg: “Vape is much more effective than advice, although it is not a miracle solution to quitting. To smoke “.

E3 Trial: E-cigarettes plus counseling more effective than counseling alone in smoking cessation. M. J. Eisenberg., K. A. Eagle A. Amercian College of Cardiology, March 2020

© Photo credit: Thorn Yang