The electronic cigarette generally well received on social networks

A study carried out by the University of Buffalo in the United States set itself the objective of assessing the image of electronic cigarettes conveyed by social networks to Internet users. To do this, the authors studied 21 articles published on the net and the discussion forums of 20 trading platforms dealing with electronic cigarettes. The discussions evoked the feelings expressed by Internet users, their own experience, side effects, potential risks, benefits, regulations, comparison with other therapies to help quit smoking, etc.

Although Internet users’ perceptions are relatively diverse, it appears that electronic cigarettes generate more positive than negative comments and comments. Unsurprisingly, this study also highlighted conflicting perceptions about electronic cigarettes. According to the authors, social media could be a powerful vehicle for education and the transmission of accurate and up-to-date information on the advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes.

Perceptions and Sentiments About Electronic Cigarettes on Social Media Platforms: Systematic Review. Misol Kwon & coll. JMIR Public Health Surveil 2020;6(1):e13673

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