Nicotine reinforces cannabinoid intake

Does nicotine have an impact on cannabis?


Nicotine and cannabis are commonly used together, but few studies have examined the effects of their simultaneous administration. It is known that nicotine reinforces the intake of cannabinoids by enhancing the stimuli. What is valid for cannabis derivatives is also valid for other drugs. In the animal model used, rats had simultaneous access to two drugs (THC and a synthetic cannabinoid) and could choose which one to self-administer.

Also, it was observed that nicotine intake increases the self-administration of cannabis derivatives. However, the rats did not increase their intake of nicotine but clearly preferred nicotine and cannabinoids when both were available. The effect of nicotine on cannabinoid self-administration was acute and reversible when nicotine was no longer present. This study demonstrates that the reinforcing properties of nicotine on drug use extend to cannabinoids, but that this effect occurs specifically when nicotine is administered along with the cannabinoid.

Nicotine enhances intravenous self-administration of cannabinoids in adult rats. SJ Stringfield Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 25 novembre 2022.

© Photo credit: Julia Koblitz