Quit smoking: more likely to improve its health and well-being with the electronic cigarette

Quitting smoking: how to improve your health and well-being? Adult smokers who switch to e-cigarettes are more likely to improve their health and well-being, according to a new study from the University of Washington. The study tracked the health and social functioning of smokers at two stages of adulthood, at age 30 and then [...]

A new solution to stop smoking?

Une nouvelle solution pour arrêter de fumer ? The French company NFL Biosciences is developing NFL-101, a plant-based drug extracted from tobacco and initially developed by the Pasteur Institute in France to desensitize tobacco factory workers who developed skin allergies to tobacco leaves from handling them. The active ingredient is a protein that the [...]

E-cigarette: a study confirms the importance of the base on the taste perception of flavors

Electronic Cigarette: which base is the most suitable for flavors? In addition to an effective and rapid delivery of nicotine, the flavors play an essential role in the adoption of the e-cigarette and probably eventually, in the cessation of smoking. With this in mind, the Institut Supérieur International du Parfum, de la Cosmétique et [...]

Synthetic nicotine or how e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers are trying to circumvent regulations

Synthetic nicotine or how to bypass the regulations? This approach is not unique as the use of synthetic nicotine is growing in the US. A search of Truth's tobacco industry documents revealed that the industry considered the use of synthetic nicotine as early as the 1960s, an effort that was abandoned due to the [...]

Instagram in the US and Asia: a promotional tool for electronic cigarettes among young teens

Instagram vector for e-cigarette products among teens? Exposure to visual messages featuring e-cigarette products on social media is associated with increased usage among U.S. teens. Instagram is the most widely used social media to showcase e-cigarette products and where influencers - for example, bloggers, brand ambassadors - post promotional materials. Researchers from the Universities [...]

A new study confirms the relative effectiveness of the electronic cigarette in stopping smoking

The Department of Social and Preventive Medicine in Vienna, Austria, conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of 13,950 publications on the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in smoking cessation. The study also aimed to make a comparison with other means of withdrawal such as nicotine substitutes (gums, patches) and advice from a practitioner. Thus, some [...]

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