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Nicolas Fillon for France Bleu Poitou has exchanged with Vincent Bonnarme one of two chemists poitevins the origin of Végétol® innovation, natural e-liquids propylene glycol free, aroma free and vegetal glycerine free.

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Interviewed and written by Nicolas Fillon, France Bleu Poitou.

As its name suggests, Végétol® innovation, naturals e-liquids propylene glycol free, aroma free and vegetal glycerine free for electronic cigarettes, invented by two doctors of chemistry at the University of Poitiers, Vincent Bonnarme and Antoine Piccirilli, is exclusively vegetable origin. It is obtained through the fermentation of sugar from plants. Végétol® ingredient is also used in food to protect biscuits, candies or cornflakes from moisture, but also in cosmetics.

What are the benefits of Végétol® innovation compared to other electronic cigarette liquids?

Usually, traditional liquids use propylene glycol, a molecule derived from petroleum. According to a study published in the famous scientific journal Nature, Végétol® is a 100% natural origin ingredient containing none contaminants. It would have an excellent environmental record and emit much less CO2 into the atmosphere. In terms of taste, Végétol®, in its standard range, is neutral: no sweet sensation or particular odor or annoying for non-vapers.

Another positive point of the Végétol® innovation whose recipe has been patented and validated by toxicological analyzes: the absence of irritation of the mouth and the respiratory tract at the time of vaping, which can happen with the other liquids of the market composed of propylene glycol.

Does Végétol® innovation make it easier to stop smoking?

Well yes, according to its creators, it would be even its main quality: Végétol® ingredient would allow more effective delivery of nicotine. The identical retransmission of the active ingredient makes it possible to reproduce the same feeling of reward obtained when smoking a cigarette. What to replace the traditional cig and quickly get better smoking cessation

It is then possible to gradually reduce its consumption of Végétol® ingredient by taking lower doses of nicotine. The principle seduced since 2014 because major brands of liquid for electronic cigarette increasingly solicit the two inventors poitevins of Végétol® innovation to include in their formula.

Interviewed and written by Nicolas Fillon, France Bleu Poitou.
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